1. Method one via Email: gskiei@vip.163.com (please title the email as “submission + contact number ")
2. Method two via Chairin:http://www.chairin.cn/conferences/gski2019
GSKI2019 模板

Submission requirements:
To ensure the quality of the papers, all the papers will be extremely selected by the reviewers. All the authors should pay attention to the following rules:
1. Papers should be written in English: author information, abstract, keywords, words, figures, tables, symbol and so on.
2. All the submitted papers will be reviewed by teachers of professional areas from home and abroad. Please check the grammars and expressions carefully.
3. All the papers should be original and creative.
4. Several kinds of papers are not accepted by this conference: plagiarized papers; papers translated by translation software; papers irrelevant to the theme and scope of this conference.

GRMSE2019 solicit submissions reporting on:
A - original research contributions (
15 pages max);
B - applications and experiences (
15 pages max);
C - surveys, comparisons, and state-of-the-art reports (6 pages max);
D - tool papers (5 pages max);
E - position papers and work in progress (5 pages max)

Several kinds of articles will be refused by GSKI 2019:
1) Articles which are incompetent in reasoning and devoid of any statistics, experiments or designs;
2) Plagiarized articles;
3) Articles translated by translation software;
4) Articles irrelevant to the theme and scope of this conference.

1. 文章必须是英文稿件:作者信息,摘要,关键词,正文,图片,表格,符号等必须全部是英文字符撰写。
2. 所有稿件都会提交给国内外的多位专家审稿,请务必仔细检查文章的语法,正确拼写单词。
3. 文章需要有一定的创新性。
4. 文章需为原创稿件,否则由于文章重复率引起的被拒稿将由作者自行承担责任。涉嫌抄袭的文章将不被出版,并被列入黑名单。
5.  此类文章将会被拒稿

News 1. GRMSE 2013 has been held successfully in Wuhan and Indexed by EI. http://www.ggers.org/
News 2. 2nd Annual GRMSE 2014 has been held successfully in USA and Indexed by EI. http://www.grmse.org/
News 3. 3rd Annual GRMSE 2015 has been held successfully in Wuhan and Indexed by EI. http://www.grmse2015.org/
News 4. 4th Annual GRMSE 2016 has been held successfully in Hong Kong and Indexed by EI. http://www.grmse2016.org/
News 5. 5th Annual GRMSE 2017 will be change name to 2017 International Conference on Geo-Spatial Knowledge and Intelligence [GSKI 2017] and organized by Chiang Mai University. http://www.grmse2017.org/
News 6. 5th Annual GSKI 2017 have been indexed by EI. (GSKI2017 在出版之后一个月内完成EI检索)
News 7. 6th Annual GSKI 2018 have been indexed by EI. (GSKI2018 在出版之后一个月内完成EI检索)